Rules of Kendo

A match in Kendo is between two kendoka until two points are scored, or the time runs out.   A match in a tournament is overlooked by three judges of a higher rank.  There are a total of 4 valid targets but only 3 of which are allowed at a college level: the men, dou, and kote.  The tsuki is not allowed until higher levels due to the dangers of the strike.

A valid strike is not only about hitting the targeted areas with the shinai.  The strike must include a stomp (fumikomu) as well as a shout (kiai) to even be considered a point.  In the end, the strike has to be confirmed by at least two out of three judges to be valid.

Penalties can occur when the player steps out of the ring (shiai jo) as well as to the discretion of any judge that calls for one.  One example would be excessive pushing in a match.  But there is one rule that is unwritten, and that is Respect and proper decorum for all people.