New to VTech or want to learn more about the first practice? Visit our booth at gobblerfest to meet us in person and learn more about all the details!

Kendo is the way of the sword. Students of VT Kendo mold their minds and bodies through rigorous training and discipline. We meet three times a week and accept all beginners (with no experience) at the start of the semester; equipment is provided! Beyond practice, we're a fun group of people who hang out together be it eating, partying, gaming, or hiking. Below is our schedule!


Monday Wednesday Saturday
6-8 MultiA (Beginner) 6-7 Dance Rm (Beginner)
10-12 Dance Rm (Intermediate) 10-12 Dance Rm (Intermediate) 7-9 Dance Rm (Intermediate)


If you have any questions about joining or anything really feel free to contact Josh at, he's a pretty chill guy... or at least he thinks he is.